Kyasina Enterprises LTD offers Real Estate property management services, which encompass a range of services aimed at maintaining and optimizing the value of your real estate assets.


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USh30,000 /night
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USh50,000 /night



1. Marketing of your property for potential tenants: We market your property on our website, different platforms and all our marketing materials and plans to attract enough customers to the property.

2. Tenant screening and placement: We advertise your rental property, screen potential tenants, and conduct thorough background checks to ensure that you get reliable and responsible tenants.

3. Rent collection and invoicing: We handle rent collection on time, ensuring that you receive payments promptly. Our team also prepares weekly or monthly invoices and statements, so you have an accurate record of your rent payments or collections.

4. Property maintenance and repairs: Our team ensures that your property remains in excellent condition by conducting regular inspections and attending to any repairs or maintenance issues that might arise. We also handle emergency repairs promptly.

5. Regulatory compliance: Our property managers keep up-to-date on laws and regulations concerning rental properties. This includes anything ranging from fire alarm inspections, smoke detectors to annual inspections.

6. Financial reporting: Our team provides detailed financial reports, including cash flow statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements, to help you track your property’s performance. 


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